Skin Oxygen Products® and SO Skincare System™ take an enormous pride in being a Green America certified company by creating and providing our customers with the best quality products, services like body wraps for fat loss/cellulite, permanent makeup eye or lip liners, eyebrow microblading, microneedling, hair loss scalp pigmentation, scar camouflage, reduction of appearance of stretch marks/vitiligo/hypopigmentation  and 3D areola/nipple restoration for breast mastectomy.  The Company is located in affluent Palm Beach County, Florida and offers its exclusive proprietary Fillahair™, Fillaareola™, Fillalips™, Fillaeyebrows™, Fillaeyes™ Fillabodywrap™ & Scalpblur™ services to the public.  Investors/Distributors/Media, please communicate with us through our Contact Us link on this website.


The Founder is a college graduate that has her licenses, certificates and is also member of the American Association of Micropigmentation.  She previously owned a retail store and was later inspired to start these companies because she was the caregiver of her Aunt that passed away from cancer and as a result, wanted to provide products that were safe on the body along with providing the services above to help improve a woman's beauty and self-esteem. She offers a free unilateral areola pigmentation to one mastectomy cancer survivor per month.  She loves to see the smile on a customer's face after receiving their service.  The Founder has been a presenter at various beauty shows. You can read about Founder’s charity work for cancer survivors in the Pompano Today Newspaper and Program Success Magazine. She also has experience in television which includes TV host, model, assistant television producer, event coordinator/director and advertising/marketing/sales representative. She served as a Board of Director for various organizations. She is a self-published author. She was featured in Success South Florida 2010 Magazine’s 25 Most Prominent & Influential Women along with articles in the Miami Herald, South Florida Times Newspaper and South Florida Business Journal. 


To become a recognized leader in the global market for offering a diverse line of beauty products that are vital and safe to society's quality of life and provide the best services to our clients.


  • To continuously strive to fiercely protect our brand whether it be through cease & desist letters or libel, slander or defamation lawsuits.
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best services to our customers.
  • To  promote an inclusive workplace for non-disabled and disabled individuals.
  • To help the community by giving to a designated charity ie. organizations that help find a cure for cancer.
  • Strive to stay environmentally responsible when sourcing ingredients. As a green business, we will use the safest ingredients to help keep our customers healthy. 




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