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The prestigious Italy CE Certified K85 Beierplasm is now available for purchase and we are the only one authorized to issue a So Skincare System K85 Beierplasm Elite Certified Therapist certificate after training. Don't be fooled doing your training or buying a used device from anyone else! Difference between K85 vs. Others: 5 year warranty, Auto mode launch button, 8 different hz frequency, Ergonomical light body design, Works up to 4 hours with fully charged battery, Individual prepackaged copper probes and more. The K85 Beierplasm is based on atmosphere pressure and the output is a heated ionized gas. K85's elite engineering dynamic sine wave technology waves are very quick changes in air pressure. The K85 Beierplasm helps to contract and cause excess skin to dry superficially and fall off in the form of tiny flakes between 5 and 7 days.  Collagen production is initiated and this helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by inflating, plumping and lifting skin for the following:

11 Furrow Lines, Crows feets, Forehead and frown lines, Smoker Lines and marionettes, Cheeks and Nasal Labials, Jowls and Neck, Chest, Arms, Legs, Age/Sun Spots, Skin Tag Removal, Scars, Stretchmarks, Acne Scarring & More
Worldwide shipping invoice will be sent separately after payment.

K85 Beierplasm Device & Training (non-refundable)



Class - Eyebrow Microblading, Permanent Makeup Eyeliner, Lip Liner, Kit and includes:

  • Skin Anatomy & Contraindications
  • Patch Testing
  • Consultation
  • Pre & Post Care Protocol
  • Touch-Up Recommendations
  • Symmetry Artistry
  • Color Mixing
  • Client Prep and Station Setup
  • Practice Application on Paper & Practice Skin
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Pigment & Needle Suppliers
  • Book material
  • Practice on artificial skin
  • Practice on live model*
  • One-on-one time with trainer
  • Certificate Awarded at the end of Class

*Practice on a live model is subject to the teacher's approval of the student's performance during class and completion of all homework and assignments. 

Class Microblading Permanent Makeup Eyes & Lips (non-refundable)


K85 Beierplasm individual prepackaged disposable high quality copper probes (non-refundable). Worldwide shipping invoice will be generated separately.

K85 Copper Probe 10 per pack


So Skincare Kit includes:

  • Gentle Cleanser 8 oz
  • Toner 6 oz
  • Anti-Age Serum 1 oz
  • Collagen Day Cream 2 oz
  • Fade Night Cream 2 oz
  • BONUS: SPF moisturizer 2 oz

These combined anti-aging products help to repair skin, reduce wrinkles, skin tightening, skin elasticity, plumping and provides skin with a smoother and even texture. Peptides assists in the collagen and elastin production, is absorbed quickly and doesn't leave skin feeling greasy. Free shipping

Ingredients include: Aloe Vera, Biotin, Soluable Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Wheat Extract (Placenta), Avocado Oil, Peptides, SPF 30 and other herbal blends

 Worldwide shipping invoice will be generated separately.

So Skincare Kit (non-refundable due to organic material)