When your K85 Collagen Stimulus device for face and body is superior. 5 year warranty. Check out upcoming training cities in the Events link. If you cannot attend one of our live trainings, we offer online Elite Certified Therapist training to selected, vetted candidates who are experienced in other modalities. A trainer will interview you to see if you are a candidate - Worldwide drop shipping invoice will be sent separately after payment.

K85 combined with other modalities help kickstart fibroblast for:

Skin tightening, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin anywhere on face or body ie. stretchmarks, scars, glabella #11 furrow lines between eyebrows, acne, crows feet, smoker's lines, neck, chest, arms, etc.

Skin tag & age spot removal

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K85 Device/Training online (non-refundable)


K85 individual prepackaged disposable high quality copper probes (non-refundable). Worldwide drop shipping invoice will be sent separately after payment.

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K85 10 Disposable Copper Probes (non-refundable)



K85 Probe 2 (round) is for decreasing pore size and lifting while Probe 3 (flat) helps to introduce active ingredients or nutrient components into the subcutaneous tissue and skin tightening. Worldwide drop shipping invoice sent separately after payment.

K85 Probes 2 & 3 non-disposable (non-refundable)


Save your hands with the Vibro Pro machine. It is a great addition to your service menu! Vibro Pro Device: Medspas, Estheticians, Massage Therapists, etc. love pairing this device with other modalities since it creates soundwave vibration that help amplify face/body/scalp treatment results by utilizing five different probes as follows:


* Lifts

* Product absorption

* Lymphatic drainage

* Massages

* Reflexology

* Fascia release

* Crossfiber

* Trigger point

* Chakra

and more
Vibro Pro Device:
*20 hz to 20 khz

*One year manufacturer warranty

Vibro Pro (non-refundable)


Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum.  Apply at night. Worldwide drop shipping invoice will be sent separately after payment.

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Eyelash & Eyebrow Replenisher (non-refundable)



Co2 face & body treatment device/training for skin tightening, fine lines, wrinkles, etc.  1 year warranty. Co2 tanks and serums require separate purchase. Worldwide drop shipping invoice will be sent separately after payment.

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Co2 Device/Training non-refundable



Some of the ingredients in the anti-wrinkle serum include hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed wheat protein & glycerin. Some of the ingredients in the skin whitening/brightening serum include mandarin orange, japanese cornel & camellia sinensis tea leaves. Worldwide drop shipping invoice will be sent separately after payment.

10 pcs Co2 bottles, 5 pcs anti-wrinkle serums & 5 pcs of skin br


Some of the ingredients are peptides, aloe vera & other herbal ingredients. Worldwide drop shipping invoice will be sent after payment.

o2 oxygen pre treatment non-refundable due to organic materials

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So Skincare Kit includes:

  • Cleanser 8 oz
  • Toner 6 oz
  • Anti-Age Serum 1 oz
  • Day Cream 2 oz
  • Night Cream 2 oz
  • BONUS: Skin Brightener 2 oz

 Worldwide drop shipping invoice will be sent separately after payment.

So Skincare Kit (non-refundable due to organic material)